APS Posing Coach Program

APS Posing Coach Program


For the first time in the southern hemisphere, you can now elevate your skills and become an APS approved posing coach. Explore a curated, 12-lesson program with a three month mentorship to take your athletes to the next level.

Meet your Mentors

Amy Fox & Rebecca Gwilliam

With over 50 years experience in the bodybuilding industry, competing as athletes and judging, promoting bodybuilding federations, two posing powerhouses are sharing their secrets for success.

Your opportunity to learn posing correctly, how to run your own posing business & how to properly support athletes going through their competition prep.




First in-take is open to only 10 athletes

ideally suited to Personal Trainers who wish to up-skill.

The APS Posing Coach syllabus development process is divided into 4 phases:

APS Syllabus includes:

1. Two Posing Categories:
Understand federation rules, guidelines and posing techniques for two posing categories of your choosing:
Female categories: Bikini, Sports, Fitness, Wellness, Figure
Male categories: Bodybuilding, Fitness, Classic Physique, Physique 
2. Advanced Exercise Science
Deepen your understanding of posing physiology, biomechanics, and kinesiology to create more effective and customised posing routines and stage presentation.
3. Background Knowledge for Posing
Gain a solid understanding of nutrition and dietary principles to provide well-rounded advice for clients’ category goals.
4. Specialised Posing Training 
Learn about training techniques and programs for tackling specific posing weaknesses, limitations and difficulties, such as failing to hit the lat spread.
5. Client Assessment and Progress Tracking
Enhance skills in conducting thorough posing assessments and tracking clients’ progress over time.
6. Communication Skills
Improve communication skills to effectively explain complex concepts and motivate clients.
7. Continuing Education
Emphasize the importance of staying updated with the latest federation trends, research, and certifications to provide effective lessons.
8. Client Centred Approach
Teach trainers to personalise posing routines and approaches based on each client’s goals, preferences, and limitations and federations.
9. Technology Integration
Explore how to use fitness apps, wearables, and other technologies to enhance posing lessons and packages and track progress.
10. Soft Skills
Develop skills like active listening, empathy, and adapting posing styles to different client personalities.
11. Ethical Considerations
Teach trainers about ethical guidelines, maintaining professional boundaries, and prioritising client safety and well-being.
12. Running a Posing Business
How to attract clients, retain them and adapt to their development as an athlete. Marketing, advertising and how to effectively use social media to promote 

Posing up-skilling is an ongoing process

We encourage all personal trainers to engage in continuous learning with APS and self-improvement is essential for providing high-quality services and adapting to the evolving fitness landscape.

If you are interested in joining this course for the first time, please leave your details below.
We look forward to welcoming you to our school & we cannot wait to help build your posing business, the right way.

Amy & Becc

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